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We appreciate your patronage for our broadcast of Hindi Desi Bollywood Evergreen Hits. We are the original broadcaster of this program since past ten years. We sincerely thank you  for visiting our website.

Our broadcast is completely free.  It runs 24/7 – non stop.   The songs of our playlist are set to play in a random order as determined and controlled by Shoutcast server, without any intervention by us on this matter. No commercials are inserted by us into the playlist  at source and we earn no revenue from this broadcast.  It is  completely an hobby operation.  By Googling we also find that worldwide dozens of websites rebroadcast our program. We have no commercial links with any one of them and we are not at all responsible for their activities.   

If this radio station has provided you some moments of happiness, then please favor us by forwarding the address of our website (  http://hindihits.fun  ) to  your friends and family using  WhatsApp / Facebook or any other method of your choice.

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